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Porting Back to Linux I.


Several weeks ago I have taken over a small C project from my colleague. This project was almost totally unrelated to computer graphics or game development, and it was cancelled later, but it ran on Linux, so I had to install Linux on my computer. Aside from the compatibility problems of different Ubuntu releases with my old ATI card, and not counting the six fruitless attempts to get a working Linux on my machine, it was a pleasant task for me because it recalled some old memories about the early days of the engine development. The engine coding was started on Linux originally, but I am developing it under Windows for long time.

So the project gave me the idea to port my game engine from Windows back to Linux again, or at least to see that whether it still compiled. So I copied the Makefile from the old Linux version and the sources from the Windows version, fired up Emacs, my old favorite editor, and started to wrestle with the compiler… 🙂 Read the rest of this entry


I am not dead…

I only do not have enough time to deal with the engine because I am snowed under with things like work and preparation for my language exam. I have started to port the engine back to Linux few weeks ago, but I could not finished it yet,  because it costs much more time than I have now. But hopefully there is only one week remaining from this crunch time, then I can continue the engine.

Till then, I have made some improvements on the blog’s look, I hope you will like it. 🙂

Merlin3D is on

Just to make the “web presence” of the engine more complete, I have registered Merlin3D on The profile can be reached here. Further contents will be available soon. 🙂