My name is Balázs Jákó, I am a software engineer, Merlin3D is my game engine. It is a hobby project at the time being, but I hope it will be the base of a real game project some day.

I have started the development several years ago and the engine served me as a tool for getting some routine with C++, OpenGL, design patterns, algorithm and game programming, and so on. When I started, it used the fixed pipeline, but I have made a lot of changes to the code since then.

It was a student project when I was at the university and it was (partly) the subject for my MSc diploma thesis too, and was very useful in some research I’ve managed that resulted in two publications.

My purpose is to give some insight to the development process and get some feedback, support, and ideas about the engine here, so feel free to comment.

There is a YouTube channel dedicated to the engine, you can see some demo videos there: http://www.youtube.com/user/Merlin3DEngine

  1. Thanks for your feedback! I subscribed to your blog as well.

  2. One person make a source engine.. omg!

  3. Hello Balázs! HunDigital már nem vállal munkát? 🙂

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